My New Gucci Pelham!!!

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  1. oh i love the new pelham tote!!!! Congratulations on your new looks perfect on you!
  2. wow! i love it!!! what a great score!
  3. cute bag
  4. looks great on you!!! I think the bag was made for you. Congrats on scoring such a great deal.
  5. love it!!!
  6. congrats!!! great find! tpfers in action!!
  7. that pelham looks AWESOME on you. it DOES look like it was made for you. congrats! :woohoo:
  8. I'm soooo upset!!! I just started carrying my new Gucci. I wanted to wait until it stopped raining and have only been carrying it ONE week! I was going out to dinner tonight and the rivet came apart on the handle!!!!! I've never had that happen on an inexpensive handbag but I NEVER expected that within a week with a Gucci. What's up with quality control?? I don't know what to do? Do I contact Gucci or Saks??? I just want to cry!
  9. Sorry to hear that.. was it close to begin with? I would recommend you to bring the receipt to Gucci store to ask to repair it.. or definitely try to call SAKs (but I tought.. since it is GUcci bag.. they might just refer you back to Gucci).

    Hope they can fix it!! And it will be like new again...
  10. congrats on a beautiful bag... but eek! i'm so sorry to hear about the quality!! I'd definitely call both Saks and Gucci and explain the situation. I'm sure they'll do something about it, esp. since it's only been a week! good luck.
  11. I hope your issue gets resolved soon! KUP.
  12. I know this is an old post, but I never complimented you... fabulous bag! I got a bag at the saks sale and I love it, too... best bag ever!
  13. Best SALE ever, actually (I meant to say)... best bags, too, cause they're gucci.
  14. I just wanted to give everyone an update on my Pelham. After I posted my problem, I emailed Saks (since I bought it online). They told me to take it to my local Saks and they would take care of the repair. I printed out the email and went to my local Saks in Santa Barbara (I also made sure I had all of my receipts, etc). The SA was great. She wrote all of my info down, gave me a receipt and said they would ship it off to Gucci for repair. They called me last week and said it was ready but I didn't get back to S.B. until yesterday to pick it up. I looked perfect and had a Gucci repair tag attached (so I know it really went back to Gucci). No charge and no questions asked! I'm a happy girl!!!
  15. funandsun.. excellent news!!! Congrats to have the perfect bag again!!