My New Gucci Navy Medium Horsebit Hobo!

  1. Here it is! It finally arrived! :heart:
    IMG_0658.JPG IMG_0659.JPG IMG_0660.JPG
  2. Nice, congrats! :smile:
  3. pretty! i want one of these myselft, in black tho.
  4. Thanks. As far as I know, the black didn't go on sale, right?
  5. nope i don't think so, how much did you get yours for if you don't mind me asking?
  6. I think it was about $700 with accounting for the slae, tax and shipping. The Gucci boutique didn't send me a receipt or anything with it! Stores get very weird when they have the sale rush going on!!!
  7. Gorgeous and the leather looks like butta!
  8. wow that's a great deal on the bag. i think it would have been 1100 retail. congrats!
  9. I like that bag. Congrats.
  10. So very hot!! Congrats!! I am really curious as to how the medium looks on, could you post a pic wearing it if possible :biggrin:
  11. Sure I can! Please excuse the sweatsuit attire which is totally mismatched with the bag! :shame: I killed myself looking for pictures of someone carrying this bag before I bought it to get a sense of the size because I got it on sale and couldn't see it beforehand AND it was final sale. Anyway, no one had a picture at the time and I ended up making a leap of faith but I am very happy about the size.
    It is a large medium. Anything bigger would have been too large for me. I am 5'4" by the way. I've also included a picture with my Chloe paddy for reference. At the bottom part, the Gucci is almost as long as the Chloe but it is higher than the Chloe as you can see.
    Hope this helps! :flowers:
    IMG_0675.JPG IMG_0676.JPG IMG_0662.JPG IMG_0663.JPG
  12. I love your bag its super cute!!! i got the larger version..(im ur hieght) and love these bags!!
  13. Thanks ggk!!! It looks FAB on you, you are so right it is a large medium, definitely bigger than I thought!!
  14. You're welcome! I just measured it for you. It is about 15" x 9.5" x 3.5"! It's a great size. I was afraid that with the large, my hand would be in up to my armpit and I would be contantly digging for my stuff at the bottom, know what I mean?
  15. All too well hee hee I have two large ones :biggrin: :biggrin: . I really am obsessed with the bag, I love the strap especially, I get so many compliments. I am seriously contemplating a third and seeing how great your medium looks :idea: , it's madness I tell you :biggrin: :biggrin: