My New Gucci Messenger - not on sale

  1. Ok.. So you all know I've had regrets about buying my other Gucci items.. Well, I tried this on at the boutique last Memorial Day and I really liked it but didn't get it at the time.. I was still thinking about it and finally had them send it to me.. I absolutely love it! :heart: I already have a Gucci Eclipse Messenger bag but I figured this new one is more casual. I could probably get away with wearing this one on the boardwalk and down the shore or using it on vacation. My other one is kinda dressy for those kind of things and since it's more structured, I don't want to squish it in my luggage. It's kinda like a Coach Swing pack. And of course, you know how I love my off white trim!

  2. nice bag. it looks cute on you...
  3. Very cute! PERFECT for traveling!
  4. Cute, and so summery too. :yes:

    Alot of their other messengers I find too large. that one is perfect.
  5. :heart: cute :heart:
  6. Very cute!!
  7. It is so cute, looks great on you! This is probably the best messenger I have seen so far. And I love the cream leather!
  8. Thanks so much! I can't wait to use it. I saw it at Gucci in NYC in cream and the other colors. The cream was only in a small but the brown and black were in different sizes. I checked when I got home and the cream wasn't an option so I called the store.. Thank goodness they didn't sell out of it!
  9. cute!! :heart:
  10. cute bag. looks super cute on you.
  11. Cute! My next messenger will be a Gucci!
  12. Looks very cute on you! Congrats :biggrin:
  13. ^Jen is that your baby - she looks just like Shiloh :smile:

    That messangers is sweet! What is it called or from what season is it. I don't recall seeing that one but it's lovely :smile: I love messangers - and it looks awesome on you.
  14. Thanks everyone! I can't wait to use it next weekend!

    lovekoobabags - I don't know what season it's from but it was at the NYC Gucci store. Here's a link from There are 3 different sizes. Cream isn't one of the options online but I'm sure if you called the NYC Gucci store, they might still have it in stock.
  15. I saw the brown trim one last week and I was really taken by it! Its the perfect size for vacation and shorts trip and it looks really nice.

    Congrats! It looks great on you! =)