My New Gucci - Love it or Hate it?

  1. Hi all,
    It's been a while since I posted a new thread, but here I am back again with a question for all of you handbag lovers out there. I just got a new Gucci bag from my boyf, A little Bday gift.. and I was so happy when purchased at the Gucci store, but I still havent worn it. I am a lover of Gucci, and find their logo bags classic, but dont want to contribute the name all over the handbag tacky trend that's getting out of hand. So i want your opinions, do you love or hate this bag?
  2. I like it myself. I'm not huge on logos for ME, but i like the logo tote bags a lot on others!
  3. Thanks sammy!!!
  4. it's a nice, simple, classic bag. But if you have doubts about it, return it for a all-leather Gucci. Really be comfortable with your bag!
  5. this should probably go in the gucci subforum..

    anyway, I like the bag in general, I was actually going to get it but I ended up not liking how it looked on me.
  6. i think this would be a great summer bag!
  7. not loving it, but not hating it either
  8. i like this tote. it's the new britt line for gucci.
  9. nice bag! the logos don't bother me.
  10. It's a very pretty toe. I don't think the logos are too much.
  11. I am not uber crazy about it, but i was looking for a simple, breezy summer bag .... errr, I dont want to offend my boyf's gift by returning it... specially since i know i could grow to love it once i begin to actually wear it, Gucci is one of my fav designers... I have a leather Botkier Bianca Med. in Toffee that I'm totally attached to so this was a move away from leather for the spring/summer season. :shame:
  12. Thanks all!!! =)
  13. I really like it and I'm not one for logos all over the place. I think it's tastefully done. Your BF has great aste!!
  14. I think it is pretty and classic looking!
  15. Thanks clu!! =) hmm his taste can be a little questionable sometimes :shame:, but I agree he did good liking this one :yes: