^-^ my new GUCCI ! i'm in love... guccisima

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  1. my new purchase

    I absolutely LOVE this bag :yahoo: (and it was 40% off)
    the leather is soo soft.. the chocolate soo rich :drool:

    this would SOOO work for fall and winter.. but i'm hesitant for summer as it's a dark brown.. any thoughts ?
    gucci biba2.jpg
  2. well i am pretty open minded and would wear this year round. yummy! congrats!
  3. cute bag. i think that color can go with any season. No worries.
  4. Excellent. So gorgeous, and [I hear] the guccissima just gets more gorgeous and supple with age. Plus, hobos are so timeless. :heart:

    Id wear it all year round, it's gonna be gorgeous with gold jewelry. :wtf:
  5. congrats!
  6. the bag is wonderful and would look good any time of year. congrats!
  7. Congrats!!!! You can wear brown year round. I have the Brown Guccissima Princy hobo which is almost the exact same style but without the studs and I use it year round. You will love using this bag.
  8. Love it!! and you can definately wear this year round! Congratulations!!
  9. u can totally wear it year round..CONGRATS!..such a cute bag!
  10. Wow, what a gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  11. Lovely bag! The guccissima and the studs are excellent together! Congrats on the good deal!
  12. beautiful bag! congratz! u can surely wear it in summer no problem :tup:
  13. I was so close to getting the cream one but it would have left me broke! Wish the Guccisima wasn't so expensive. Congrats.
  14. lovely bag :woohoo:
  15. Oh that is a gorgeous bag! Perfect color for it!