My new Gucci from Fall Winter 2004 line by Tom Ford!

  1. DSCN2294.jpg 96_1c.jpg
  2. WOWSA!!!! beautiful score, BLL!!!!
  3. Thank you! I think some may not have bid as the seller was in Australia and wanted wire transfer but I talked her into signing up for paypal. :yahoo:
  4. I love it....where did you score it is sooo me....stunning....I am sooo red bag is not nearly has stylish...did Tom Ford do the cruise line last season because I have the red bag with gold chain and the SA said it was by Tom Ford but, I have been unable to verify it....classy bag girlfriend....good on you!!!!!!:yahoo:
  5. An ebay seller from Australia. She seems to have worked for Gucci in the past. I'm not sure but as he left in Spring 2004 I think his last line may have been Fall Winter 2004?? But I guess he may have already done designs for 2005 prior to is possible. I absolutely love it...I think I am done with red in Gucci now between this and a red Blondie with silver hardware.
  6. You have it going it is my fav....nothing beats red...passionate bold and sexy....
  7. I keep looking at the pic...that bag is scored big....are you in love with the must be even better in person...ebay has never been good to me...looks like you lucked out...sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
  8. Thanks Gucci Gal. I think this is one of my two best scores on eBay. The other was a black Chanel luggage carryon bag for $600 that I am sure retailed for $3000 or more. Most every other bag I have bought on eBay was at least half of retail.

    The leather is really is similar to the Blondie bowler leather. The gold bamboo hardware is very heavy...I think it could double as a weapon if I ever needed to knock someone out in a dark alley :lol: Definitely a bag that makes a statement...which is what I usually like.
  9. Absolutely Yummy. Lovely bag. Enjoy well.
  10. that is a great bag! congrats! My mum has the same one in black with yellow stripes down the front.
  11. what a great deal!!!!gorgeous bag!
  12. What a great bag!!
  13. what a cool bag!!! goes great with the rest of your collection!!!
  14. Cute! Your collection is every growing. Congrats!
  15. You have such a great collection - I love your style. Great addition! (Also happy to know there is another Gucci lover in DC, aren't you sick of all those Burberry and Coach purses everywhere?)