My new Gucci Cruise -and the insult i got :(

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  1. I just got my beautiful new Gucci Cruise bag and I adore it ! i Think that it is so classic and lovely , but my best friend ( not so much a desiger fan ) told me it was an "old lady" purse saying that I should be at least 60 to carry it :sad2: I do think that it is almost a complement, if only because if a 26 year old and a 60 year old would carry the same bag it only speaks for the timelessness of it.
    any one else ?
  2. Don't you worry! Gucci is a classic style, and I've seen many girls at my school carry 'em. Not at all an "old lady" style, IMO.

    Enjoy your bag!!! :amuse:

    I'll be posting pics of mine, too!
  3. Heh. I think a lot of "old ladies" have a more and better style than some of the fashion slaves I see at the mall.
  4. I've been told some of my bags are old lady :lol: But I don't care, as long as I like it its fine :biggrin:
  5. Exactly what Noriko said!
  6. better to be an old lady in gucci or chanel than a young girl in the rhinestone-and-sequin monstrosities that i see my peers carrying.
  7. Don't listen to her. As long as you love the bag thats all that matters!
  8. Not everyone can have the " old lady style" they are $$$ grrrr
  9. Dang, aint that the truth!!! :nuts: :nuts:
  10. Who cares what your friend says!! I don't pay any attention to the opinions of friends who don't share the same view on designer things as me because it's pointless.

    Congrats on your new bag!
  11. Wear your new bag with PRIDE! As long as you love it, who cares about the "haters." Ah wait... it's your best friend... :oh: Don't worry, I finally turned my best friend into a designer handbag whore recently. She actually wants to get a designer bag in March with me and just today... she actually spot a fake paddington and was telling me all about it. lol So I'm sure you can educate your best friend into loving handbags too. ;)
  12. I agree w/ everyone else . . .
    and POST a pic!
  13. dont care sweet heart :amuse: as long as u like it and feel it :idea:

    POST Pix :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  14. As long as you love your bag, who cares what anyone else says! When I got my speedy 30, a friend called it a "mommy" bag, and another friend called it an "old lady" bag....Whatever......I love my speedy!!! :smile:
  15. Think about many ladies in their 40s, 50s can still enjoy a B-bag, as long as you love it, just follow your heart. Do post pics that you are holding your Gucci, must be such a perfect match!