My new Gucci Cruise -and the insult i got :(


Jan 23, 2006
I just got my beautiful new Gucci Cruise bag and I adore it ! i Think that it is so classic and lovely , but my best friend ( not so much a desiger fan ) told me it was an "old lady" purse saying that I should be at least 60 to carry it :sad2: I do think that it is almost a complement, if only because if a 26 year old and a 60 year old would carry the same bag it only speaks for the timelessness of it.
any one else ?


Balenciaga's lover
Oct 29, 2005
Wear your new bag with PRIDE! As long as you love it, who cares about the "haters." Ah wait... it's your best friend... :oh: Don't worry, I finally turned my best friend into a designer handbag whore recently. She actually wants to get a designer bag in March with me and just today... she actually spot a fake paddington and was telling me all about it. lol So I'm sure you can educate your best friend into loving handbags too. ;)