My New Gucci Bouvier High Heel Moccasins

  1. So I was perusing when I came upon a pair of Gucci Bouvier High Heel Moccasins. :nuts: I thought these were sold out, but there it was... one pair left in a size 37.5. I'm a size 36.5 but I snatched them up hoping they would run small like most other designer brands.

    Well, when they arrived they were a bit too big - imagine that, a designer shoe being true to size! :push: I contemplated returning them (a lot of money to spend on shoes that aren't a perfect fit) but they were so beautiful that I bought some Dr. Scholl inserts and wallah! They now fit. Here are some pictures:

  2. Fabulous shoes!! Sort of like hot school teacher.... Smokin!

    what kind of inserts did you get, the full shoe size kind?
  3. ^^I got the full foot kind that molds to your feet. They had one for woman. The shoe was too big length wise. The Dr. Sholls filled in the front and made a more snug fit. :tup:
  4. I absolutely love them! I was going to get them but I'm not doing too well with white shoes.
  5. Those are hot! I love them!
  6. I have those in a bronze color! They are soooooooo much fun!!! They go great with a pair of jeans too!
  7. ^ I find them to be very comfortable and the leather really soft. Have they stretched out over time from wear?
  8. Fabulous.
  9. love those!
  10. Those are really cute!
  11. They are very very comfortable. They stretched very very slightly.
  12. they look great!! congrats!:nuts:p
    personally, i can´t walk with inserts, the top of the shoe becomes
    too tight.