My New Gucci Beltbag!

  1. I got the Guccisima beltbag recently & forgot to post pics. It's alot bigger than I thought it was going to be & softer too. Definitely good for traveling or going somewhere where you don't want to carry a purse :smile:

  2. i :heart: it!!!! :wtf::wtf::wtf: CONGRATS!!! it's tooo freaggin' cute and i love how you wear it. And you're so right about it being perfect if you want to be hands free. :coolpics:
  3. that is too cute.
  4. oh adorable! i have not seen this on... only the other more popular style but i looooooooooooove this one more!!!! now that i have seen it!
  5. Oh its cute and mommy friendly! I can just wipe it off! LOL
  6. Very cute! I totally agree that I love being hands free with these belt bags!