My new Gucci Belt Bag! WDW here we come!


Jan 12, 2006
I sort of can't believe I bought a designer fanny pack . . . :lol:
As some of you know, we going to Walt Disney World again soon adn I decided I wanted a Gucci Belt Bag. After scouring eBay, I decided to go straight to the source, Gucci America at the Dallas Galleria. And I got phenomonal service to boot!



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Thanks, LOL!
Yeah, the guy waiting on me was fabulous! He worked for Versace for 5 years and then when that store closed moved over to Gucci.
Very attentive and very easy to talk to. He was excellent from start to finish.
You'd have thought I was buying a new car!:lol:
Definitely a neccessity there-specially with kids. I brought a fanny pack that hung from a chain belt and was black quilted leather when I went. It is tough enough to navigate there-this is one less thing to carry!
so cute. i've been thinking about getting one myself. with a year old and another on the way i don't know if carrying a purse around all day everyday is going to be comfortable. congratulations on a great purchase.
Yeah, it surprisingly fits quite a bit. I took my little Fuji camera to make sure it fit w/o looking bulky and it does. Aside from that I can easily fit a little wad of cash and credit cards plus a room key and tissues, etc . . .