My new Gucci Belt Bag! WDW here we come!

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  1. I sort of can't believe I bought a designer fanny pack . . . :lol:
    As some of you know, we going to Walt Disney World again soon adn I decided I wanted a Gucci Belt Bag. After scouring eBay, I decided to go straight to the source, Gucci America at the Dallas Galleria. And I got phenomonal service to boot!

    DSCN5083edit.jpg DSCN5084edit.jpg DSCN5086edit.jpg
  2. Congratulations, trendy mama !!!
  3. Wow, great service from Gucci ? :biggrin:

    Anyways, it looks great ! And it's not just a designer fanny pack, it's a luxury accessory. ;)
  4. Thanks, LOL!
    Yeah, the guy waiting on me was fabulous! He worked for Versace for 5 years and then when that store closed moved over to Gucci.
    Very attentive and very easy to talk to. He was excellent from start to finish.
    You'd have thought I was buying a new car!:lol:
  5. Ohh I love it, how roomy is it? I saw a woman with the blue fabric one today, it looked so cute!!! Darn it, I'm supposed to be saving up for another hobo, but how cute is this?
  6. Definitely a neccessity there-specially with kids. I brought a fanny pack that hung from a chain belt and was black quilted leather when I went. It is tough enough to navigate there-this is one less thing to carry!
  7. so cute. i've been thinking about getting one myself. with a year old and another on the way i don't know if carrying a purse around all day everyday is going to be comfortable. congratulations on a great purchase.
  8. Yeah, it surprisingly fits quite a bit. I took my little Fuji camera to make sure it fit w/o looking bulky and it does. Aside from that I can easily fit a little wad of cash and credit cards plus a room key and tissues, etc . . .
  9. Such a great idea, it looks both roomy & cool.
  10. I love this! Great idea for your trip!!!
  11. Cute!
  12. Congrats! I'm sure that will come in handy!
  13. nice! i loved that the first time i saw it on SJP on SATC. soooo cute!
  14. lol That's too cute.
  15. That's one awesome fanny pack! For WDW it will be perfect! It's so hard carrying all that stuff around without it!