my new gucci bag!! loph loph loph!!! im in loph yeah~~~

  1. I got this bag on the sale today. It was only 20% discount.
    This is the peggy medium top handle bag.
    :heart: this bag so much. It is so multifunction, as I can use it a lot of ways.
    I know the bamboo might hurt but I juz love this bag and cant stop thinking bout this bag. :love:
    I'm so happy ~~~ :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:


  2. It looks really cute on you! Congrats :biggrin:
  3. congrats! It's cute!
  4. Thankz juicy and anghelq~~~
    Yeah, it's so cute and practice.. totally :heart: it!! :love:
  5. I love it
  6. it's gorgeous, congrats!
  7. OMG that bag was on sale?? WHERE?
  8. cute bag!
  9. that bag is adorable. great size for you too.

    i don't think that bag (or any medium sized peggy) was on sale in the U.S. someone correct me if i'm wrong! (i'd LOVE to be wrong b/c i want one too!)
  10. Beautiful bag. I want one now...
  11. That is super cute on you! I didn't know it had another strap besides the bamboo!
  12. very cute!! looks great on you. congrats
  13. Love it!! Looks Fabulous!!
  14. it looks GREAT on you!! i really like it..might consider getting one now :biggrin:
  15. its cute and looks great on u! congratz!