My New Gucci Baby!

  1. After several months of hiatus from Gucci, I finally gave in. I was actually a bad girl, saving up for a new LV and not really looking at the new gucci stuff. So last friday I was walking around the mall and went in gucci. Sale in our country just started 2 weeks ago, so i was thinking maybe there was some good stuff left. I've been looking at the Boulevard shoulder bag (not sure about the name) since it came out but I thought it was expensive for a fabric bag. It was on sale last July around 25% off. Good thing I held back, cause when I looked at the price it was 55%:nuts: off... around $470!!! It was heaven:yahoo: for me.... so what if I just bought an LV last month and I was making serious damage to my LV funds:sweatdrop:... I simply can not resist a practical everyday bag on sale... I'm so happy!!! :yahoo:I've been using it 4 days straight and I absolutely love it!

    Sorry if it's long. I just wanted to share :p

    Will post pics when I have the time. :heart::heart::heart: Gucci!
  2. OOOh yay, sounds like a great deal! I wanna see pics!
  3. Congrats!!! i wanna see pics too!!! that picture under your signature is too cute. love all the pink gucci.
  4. Hi Dr tabbi! Where have you been? Can't wait to see pics of your new addition.
  5. piccies please!

    congrats! :biggrin:
  6. congrats! i love it when i ind good deals
  7. Great deal! Pics please!
  8. congrats and cant wait to see pics! yay
  9. wow tabbi you're just on the roll lately!!!! I always get excited when my fellow tPFers gets such great deals.....PLS POST PICS soon!!!
  10. Yay for you!!!
  11. Congrats on getting it at such a great deal!
  12. You must be so happy you didn't buy the bag last year. Great price!
    Waiting for pics.

  13. Congrats- I love it when something you already want goes on sale!

    Can't wait for pics either!