My new Gucci Amalfi & What a BARGAIN!!!

  1. I have to share because I am spilling over with excitement. I went to Woodbury Commons on Monday and of course, straight to the Gucci store. I felt it was a bit picked over...some Bouviers in guccisima (white, black, anc chocolate), a white princey, and the horsebit clutch in chocolate guccisima (gorgeous - wish I got that too but already have it in black GG fabric). They also had the floral wave hobos and green floral pelham.

    BUT, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the price on the hazelnut color, all leather Amalfi. I had to buy could I not? I got it for $599 + tax (original retail of $1790). :yahoo: I love the color and the bamboo accents.

    I didn't take a pic of mine yet, but pulled the exact picture of the bag from

    And because I am so neurotic about new bags, I am afraid to use her, but I'll get over it.
  2. Beautiful! What a great price!!!! Congrats to you girl!
  3. Congrats! It's such a great deal! Enjoy your new purse and post pics!
  4. Congrats! Great deal, I love the Gucci bamboo!
  5. Awesome deal! Congrats!
  6. love it! lucky you
  7. What a beauty! I really love the shape of the Amalfi... And for such a great deal! Congrats!
  8. That was a great deal!!
  9. Congrats!
  10. Congrats! What a deal too!
  11. I was lucky enough to get the exact same bag (cognac...just like your pic) at the NMLC here in Dallas in May for $600. It was an incredible deal and you will LOVE that purse!!! Everything about is great; the way it nestles under your shoulder, the comfy single strap AND the fact that it is tougher than you think! We had a ton of rain here this summer and this bag got pretty damp on several occasions...NO WATER STAINS ANYWHERE!!! I do think the smooth leather is vulnerable to scratches, but don't worry about weather. Enjoy your beautiful bag and the fact that you got an awesome deal!
  12. Thank you MKDallas! I was really worried about the rain and that bag. I definitely did notice it being prone to scratched but hope they just sort of blend in after I use if for a while. I am really happy with it too and am glad to hear you love yours!
  13. Congrats!!
  14. congrats!!