My New GSH Weekender

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  1. Hi Ladies, I know there are some Weekender lovers on this forum and I wanted to share this beauty with you all!

    I first bought the GSH Work and just wasn't feeling it, so I traded for the GSH parttime, but it just wasn't giving me the butterfly-in-the-tummy feeling either.

    I decided to trade up the the WE and just now got my GSH Weekender and it's TDF! The leather is very soft and amazingly lazy and has the feel & look of already-broken-in.

    My friend J. is modeling it in the photo (I was at the Salon and the WE just didn't go with my foils--LOL). She is about 5'2 at best and wears a size zero. Needless to say, she is tiny and the bag looks amazing on her! She loved it so much she is asking for one for her Bday next month.

    Needless to say, this bag is sexy & glamourous and it def makes me swoon. It looks rich & expensive, classic and rockstar--all at the same time.
    I rocked it all over town today and it is totally sick!

    I'll post some more pics in the modeling thread soon.

    Love the WE!:yahoo:

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  2. It's stunning! Congratulations on your WE

    forever broke
  3. I really envy you ladies who can rock a WE for everyday bag. I adore you from a far.
  4. Magnificent!! You can never go wrong with a weekender, especially in GSH!!
  5. Your friend is certainly rocking your bag! Glad you have found a bag you like!
  6. A new bag should always give you "the butterfly-in-the-tummy feeling" imo.
    I'm glad you found one that did. And it looks gorgeous.
    Many congrats and enjoy it.
  7. Congrats. on a beautiful, rockin' bag!
  8. Great pic! The WE looks fantastic with GH! Congrats!!!!!
  9. the bag looks great and your friend models it beautifully :smile:

    I am glad you found a bag you love, it was a nice story to hear how you finally got it.
  10. i love the we. congrats!!
  11. Gorgeous bag! Love the WE - isn't it delightful how the leather just wraps all around you? One of my favorite styles. :smile:
  12. Thanks chicas! You all are so sweet and I truly appreciate the comments. People outside of the forum don't understand the addiction (although, thankfully my BFF is a BBag addict too!)

    Yeah, my friend is insanely fashionable and has the greatest closet ever. She's a clothes horse and I am the handbag junkie.

    Only Balenciaga though---I see no reason to carry anything else!

    It's my signature.

    I'll mix high and low in clothes and shoes, but I'm just not happy with any bag but Bal. I sold my entire collection in the fall and am starting over. I want to get a RH Parttime next! Now off to the office earn some more bag funds . . .
  13. loosk grtea on u..congrats
  14. Congrats - just got my first WE and I just love it! Enjoy!
  15. Thank you :P

    Do you have pictures posted somewhere? I would love to see!!!