My new Gryson Tate - keeper?


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  1. So I recently got my 1st Gryson - the Tate. I think it is either cerise or rasberry, not quite sure. Anyway, it is a gorgeous bag, but a bit more casual than I want. I can't decide whether to keep it or sell it and get a Sophie or something a bit more structured. What do you think?
    gryson 2.jpg gryson 3.jpg gryson.jpg
  2. lovely color!
  3. i think if u r iffy about something, return it
  4. Love it and the contrasting color of the handles and strap really make the color pop!
  5. It's a beautiful color! Definately has a more casual look. Curious about the shoulder straps when it is handheld. Do they fall gracefully to the side? Or what? Thank you!
  6. Not really my style but a nice bag. But my rule is if you have to question whether or not you should keep it.....further down the road you'll probably wish you hadn't.
  7. Gorgeous color but like knasarae said, if you have to question it, you'll probably regret keeping it. It should make your heart melt!
  8. Pretty color, but this bag just doesn't do it for me.
  9. apart from the color this bag doesnt really do it for me
  10. The Tate is my favorite Gryson bag hands down. But I really had to use it awhile to figure that out. I like the Casual look and I think I am going to buy another. Ironically I just got a Sophie I am going to end up putting on eBay because it is a little too reserved for me. The Tate rocks for me, even better than my 2 Skyes (but I love them too).
    I have the Cerise Tutu and I love the Red leather....but honestly I like it better on my Tutu than on the Tate.
  11. i love it! i think it's a keeper, but maybe u could show us some modelling pics?
  12. Yes, you are all probably right. Returning it isn't an option so I might just see if I can sell it and get a style I like better or gift it.

    Lexie, that is too funny. See, if I had gotten the Sophie instead, I would probably have liked it much better! Oh well, at least I didn't "choose" this bag and not like it. No lust lost!
  13. I didn't like it at all, so I would returne it ;)
  14. I like it! Lovely color and the design is so cute. You should keep it :yes:...
  15. It's not really my style...I do like the color though, great for fall...

    Good Luck!