My new Gryson Laura smells like...FISH??

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  1. I received my Gryson Laura tote from today and the leather itself smells of fish. *yecghk*

    Everything looks fine and new though. This isn't normal, right? Have you had encounters like this before?
  2. My Kooba Lena smelled like that...a combo of fish and dogfood. I've tried everything...dryer sheets inside all the pockets, leaving it outside in the fresh air overnight, you name it and it still stinks. Not as strong, but still stinky. I got it as an anniversary gift from my husband last year, and I still haven't used it because to me, it smells so bad. Apparently, it's something in some of the leather dyes that causes it to smell that way. My advice? Return it! If it's anything like mine, you'll never use it! Leather shouldn't smell like that!
  3. I also got a handbag from Macy's by BMakowsky and it smelled bad-loved the mustard color and quality for the $, but I couldn't handle the smell of the bag-especially in a closed space like my car!:shrugs:
  4. That's terrible. Never had that happen before. Will you exchange it?
  5. If you do a search on the forum for "smell" you'll find many suggestions. Good luck.
  6. When I received my Kooba Elisha from AE, the leather smelled kind of funky. But after some use, it kind of faded. But I couldn't part with that bag so I just lived with the stinky smell for awhile. lol But it's alot better now : )
  7. I don't actually like the smell of leather so all of my bags are stinky!
  8. Ew.... I'd return it.
  9. Thanks to all for giving helpful advice. Back goes the bag!
  10. Maybe it has something to do with tanning the leather or a dye. I know Lovinmybags has "bag candies" that can help with "smelly bags", but if it is really strong and it bothers you then I would return it.
  11. Good, quality leather should never ever have a bad smell to it. For sure I'd return the bag.
  12. none of my bags have ever smelled bad... I'd definitely return it. I have a gryson and it smell divine! I love smelling leather and if it smelled bad, I could never look at it the same way again.
  13. Violinistgirl, Wow, how sad! I have several Grysons and they all smell just like you want a luxury leather product to smell....Maybe this is specific to your individual bag? After all, leather is a skin, so each individual bag will be made from a different skin. If it's the dye, that's another matter I guess, but if you love the bag I would try exchanging it for another one just like it (hopefully without "hidden fins and gills":s)
  14. I had a Kooba Lena that smelled like fish strongly and then several others in the Kooba group complained of the same thing. I seem to remember someone contacted Barbara at LMB and she said it was the dye processing and they actually use..I think it was some kind of fish oil on certain leathers. The smell faded eventually but it was very strong when new.

    I googled leather dyeing and fish oil and found several mentions of it used in the tanning.
  15. Quality leather actually smells good!