My New Gris/Vert Paddy

  1. Hi Everyone - yes I've been a baaaaad girl! I posted earlier about my black Ollie and I thought I'd show off my paddy. Love this color!!!:heart: :yahoo::heart: :yahoo::heart: :yahoo::heart:
    PA280001.JPG PA280002.JPG PA280003.JPG
  2. congrats....
    love the color
  3. It's a beautiful bag!! What a wonderful color. Congratulations!
  4. I love the colour as well.
    Gorgeous bag!
  5. how yummi~ congrats! :happydance:
  6. Very nice! I love the silver hardware. Congrats!
  7. Simply stunning.....just look at that leather!:drool:
    Congrats and enjoy!:yes:
  8. WOWWWW...your Gris/Vert Paddy is simply gorgeous!!! Congrats!
  9. Congratulations, that is a beautiful bag!
  10. congrats La Moda, that is one gorgeous bag you have got yourself there :yes: :love:
  11. Congrats La Moda Mia!!!! I love that color!! :love: Enjoy her!!! :flowers:
  12. wow! i love it with the silver hardware and dark blue accent. Whats the name of the colour?
  13. Ooooh wee, that is a stunner!
  14. After seeing your pics I can't wait for mine to come. Congrats on a lovely bag BTW.
  15. That's such a pretty bag! I especially love the silver hardware :heart: