My new "grey" Modern Chain e/w Tote *Pics*

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  1. My wonderful s/a at Nordstrom Seattle received this bag as a return and thought of me. It is in pristine condition, was never unstuffed and used. I love it! I have my sister to thank, since she bought my large tan Gucci horsebit hobo and sunglasses which helped defray a lot of the cost of the MC. I was going to wait until fall to see the new MC collection, thought about potential price increases, and decided now was a better time to purchase.

    I can unequivocally state that my Chanel collection is currently complete with all my "must have" bags, and can patiently wait for the fall collections to debut.
    MCSit.JPG MCShoulder.jpg MCArm.JPG MCHand.JPG
  2. Your GORGEOUS!!
    Love your bag!
  3. WOW Roey- I'm so glad you decided to get it. Enjoy it!! Another GORGEOUS pick....
  4. Congrats- your bag looks great on you!
  5. I love this bag and especially in this color. I wish they would make one just like this but a tad smaller. This one is just too big on me.

    It looks great on you - I think you made a wise decision.
  6. its awesome! great decision, enjoy it.
  7. Good for you, roey! It is definitely a keeper. ;)
  8. I LOVE it!
    SO HOT!
  9. It's a gorgeous bag and color!
  10. Looks great on you, Roey! Glad you were able to find one! Enjoy!
  11. Roey, the bag looks amazing on you! I think this is my favorite style for you out of all your bags! You and the bag are a perfect match!
  12. Roey, congrats!! The bag is beautiful, and I love the color. I have to say, you always get the best color bags. It looks wonderful, and you look great.
  13. I love that on you, Ro! It is perfect....good call, sis!
  14. I love this style, and the grey color is so cool!
  15. Roey, the bag looks so nice on you. Congrats!!!!