My new greige twiggy

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  1. After waiting and waiting for the blue india twiggy, I changed my mind as I was hoping it would be more of a grey blue, but all the pictures we've been seeing have shown it to be a brighter blue. So, I took a chance and ordered the greige twiggy. I was a bit apprehensive not having seen the colour in real life. I held my breath till the fedex man arrived, and when I opened the box I actually squealed with delight.

    The leather is thick and squishy (yet again Jumpei at Aloha Rag chose very well for me). The colour truly is 'cement'. A pale mushroom grey. And it's such a versatile colour -- it goes with neutrals such as olives greens, but it also looks terrific with bolder and brighter colours, such as dark purple and indigo blue. I'm so pleased!

    I couldn't capture the colour well in my photos (sorry!). Here she is: little Miss Tiggs, and with her two b-bag sisters (black city and rouge vif first)...
    IMG_1716sm.jpg IMG_1704sm.jpg IMG_1715sm.jpg
  2. beautiful!!!!
    Isn't greige a fabulous color. I love it. It's neutral yet unusual enough that it makes people stop you to comment. It's one of my favorites. Congrats on a real beauty. Jumpei does a good job picking out nice ones. So nice that I talked my Mom out of her white city that she just got from him. :lol: The leather on your bag is fabulous, it looks thicker than my greige and looks like the leather on my new white one.
    I agree the color is very hard to capture. I took so many pics and they all look different.
    I think i can see a distinct difference in the thickness of the leather on the greige in your pics. Does your greige actually feel a little heavier than the others? My new white one does.
  3. Thanks powderpuff!

    Wow, your mum is lovely to let you have her white city. I saw your thread --your bag looks spectacular.

    The leather on my bag is superthick, especially in comparison to my black city: I did the pinch test and the greige leather feels twice as thick as that on my black city. And I think you're right, the greige bag is even a tiny bit heavier than my city. I'm so happy with it:yahoo: .

    Enjoy your new white city!
  4. Congratulations, Helenc! That bag is so beautiful, I just love the color and the leather! Enjoy it!
  5. :drool: Wow, I squealed with delight just from seeing your pictures of your new bag!
    I really love that colour....oh oh.:hrmm:
    When I saw your pictures, for some reason I wished I could just bury my face in that leather :girlsigh: .....
    okay, maybe I'm a bit weird.
    That is one beeyootiful bag. Enjoy it!
  6. beautiful! I love the greige in the twiggy size! really lovely! :heart:
  7. Congrats, you have a very nice family there!
  8. Thank you pippop, pursendipity and mocean for your kind comments. :biggrin:
  9. Congratulations, Helenc! That bag is just GORGEOUS :heart:!!!
  10. Mmmmmhhhhhhhh :drool: :nuts: . . . AMAZING greige helenc :yes: !!! CONGRATS :flowers: - you're whole bbag-family is GORGEOUS :yahoo:
  11. Wonderful, I love greige it's on my list as well!
  12. Thanks Tanja, FromParis, Firtclass and Catcat! I love this forum. Everyone is so friendly.:smile:
  13. Yeah congratulations on your new bbag, you have a lovely bbag family.

    The leather looks TDF on your greige twiggy, fabulous color too!
  14. Wow I LOVE that color!!! :tender: Looks so beautiful in the twiggy style!! Congrats!!! :flowers:
  15. Congrats and Enjoy!
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