my new greenie gucci tote bag

  2. Congrats!! in honor of you new FAB Gucci I selected green print...yes, yes, I am a ham!! lol! I love your new bag. What are the dimensions? It looks deliciously roomy. Also i wanna know how much you scored it for?? I'm jonesing over here A? help me out. hit me up.. pm for the privey info! muah!!!
  3. Congrats!

    That's my favorite bag! I'm still looking for one in black!

  4. Gorgeous!! Love it!!!!:yes:
  5. awe, thanks so much everyone, i'm so over the moon about it :love:

    p.s. i promise to keep on the look-out for more!!!
    p.p.s. i'll PM you all the details janice-girl :amuse:
    p.p.p.s. did anyone win that black vintage gucci???
  6. That is so pretty! I love it - congrats
  7. I saw the black hobo style here at one of the second-hand handbag stores for around $500, if you are interested!
  8. OMFG! that bag is so f***ing gorgeous! i just love that green! (yes, like janice, i had to do the same with the green font!)
    i can't stop looking at it! you @#$%^& lucky woman, you!

    CONGRATS! i LOVE it!!!!! it's beautiful!
  9. Gorgeous piece greennnnnn is gaaawwwjus.
  10. It's beautiful!!!!! Congrats!
  11. Great Bag! I love it. You need to post your Gucci collection! Damn, now I want a Blonde bag! :yes: I hope that you got a great deal too. Those bags are going to go up in price I think when the new fall GG bags come out.

    Janice, you crack me up! I get homesick for South Florida whenever I read your posts! I'm going home in July and I can't wait to hit the beach and Sawgrass!
  12. wow, thanks soooooooooooo much everyone, you're all too sweet :flowers:
  13. No way, you're the sweetest Aaallabama, always looking out for the PF girls and those horrible fakes on Ebay!
  14. OMG Aaallabama that bag is TDF!! Your Gucci collection is astounding, you've got such great taste! I can't wait to see what you get from the new F/W Gucci Blondie collections!
  15. awe, thanks so much Luxx-girl, but i've actually only got 3 gucci's now :amuse: ...and i won't be buying anymore 'till my wallet gets a bit bigger (lol!!!)

    p.s. thanks to you too winternight for the sweet props :love: