My *new* Green Spy!

  1. My dream bag has finally arrived :nuts: After only seeing the spy in pictures and never in person, I FINALLY know why everyone oohs and ahhs over this bag :yahoo: :wlae: Now I just have to figure a way to break it out in front of my DH lol :graucho:

  2. it's soooo prettty :love:

    Congratulations. :yahoo:
  3. OMG!!! It's GORGEOUS!!!:love: CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:
  4. Love that color green; it is so unique and gorgeous. Congrats on your purchase!
  5. That is gorgeous. Congrats!!!
  6. Beautiful! Where did you ever find it? I really want a green spy and the ones on ebay are usually fake.
  7. Twinklette, she is so beautiful!! That green is a perfect all year round colour...enjoy!!
  8. Spy is great, green spy is even better!!! Congrat.
  9. beautiful!!!
  10. That bag is so gorgeous, congrats
  11. Yahooooo:yahoo: Twink!!! So glad she finally arrived. Congrats!!:wlae: :nuts: :wlae:
  12. :throwup: I'm GREEN with envy

    It's amazing - enjoy - lucky you
  13. It's beautiful. Congrats! :biggrin:
  14. Congrats :yahoo: - this is one of the best spy colours ever - you are one lucky babe. Enjoy :heart:
  15. AW thanks everyone!!! Yes, I have been truly blessed by a fabulous friend to get my hands on this one. She's an :angel: truly!