My New Green Bleeker Wristlet

  1. While at the mall last month after Christmas, I started craving a little leather something. Nordie's had a lovely Chloe coin purse made of beautiful brown leather, but it was $275, a bit much for an impulse buy. So I made my way over to the new expanded Coach and picked me up this little beauty. It was the last day of PCE (which I wasn't aware of at the time :push:smile: so it was pretty crowded and I actually had to wait in a que to pay. The woman in front of me bought $2.2k worth of stuff- her receipt was like two feet long :wtf: I was really drawn to the color and have to give Coach kudos for precisely coloring the stitiching and zipper material to match it. I'm actually going to cut off the wristlet part after I'm 100% sure I'm keeping it since I want to use it as a little pouch to keep jewelery and receipts in. Anyway, here it is:
    Late 2007 Purchases 001.jpg Late 2007 Purchases 003.jpg Late 2007 Purchases 004.jpg
  2. I love that one!! I have it in yellow!! The colors are so vibrant! ENJOY!!
  3. thats really cute congrats!!!what are you going to put it with??
  4. Pretty neat! The green is very fashionable.
  5. aww so cute! love the color & the inside pattern. do you know what you're going to keep it in, like which bag? bright colors like that are so great bc they really bring character & some pizazz to neutral colors. great find! :smile:
  6. I like that one and the yellow...the colors are so refreshing.
  7. Congrats, I absolutely love that color :love:
  8. The yellow is gorgeous :flowers: I considered it but ultimately thought it was a tad too bright for a guy.
  9. No bag specifically- I thought it'd be a perfect place to store receipts so they don't get folded up and stretch out my wallet. I also have the habit of taking my jewelery off when out and about and thought it would be a safe holding place.
  10. wow I really love it!!! the color is so pretty and the lining is TDF !!
  11. Too cute!!!:smile:
  12. Love The Color!!
  13. Very pretty. Green is one of my favorite colors.
  14. that is beautiful!!! I hope coach comes out with more accessories in the colorful leather! Congrats!!!
  15. I have the same one... beautiful isn't it.... :tup: