My New Gray Jumbo Has Arrived...... :)

  1. :yahoo:My new soft as can be dark gray jumbo has arrived. I love it!!!!!!:heart::heart:
    gray bag made smaller pic.jpg
  2. congrats, beautiful. Grey is a hot color for the fall.
  3. GORGEOUS! :nuts:
    Is that the elusive Red Jumbo sitting next to your new Baby? :heart:
  4. Love it! Would you mind posting the style number?? I think I might put an apb out on this one before the increase tomorrow too!!
  5. beautiful!! the leather looks soooo soft!! congrats!
  6. gorgeous!
  7. does it have the new chain or the classic chain?
  8. Gosh, that is absolutely gorgeous!! This will be the new brown for fall/winter, I feel a lot of grey flaps coming up!

    Congrats and enjoy!

    And do show us a family portrait of all your flaps, the red and white flaps should be in the spotlight too!
  9. Yes that is the elusive red,lol. My fav color :yes:
  10. What a gorgeous color, and in lambskin too. How very nice!
  11. Love the gray & that red too!
  12. new chain
  13. Ah, Grey is the color to get it seems - enjoy it , very pretty.
  14. Thanks everyone ;)
  15. Wow, that bag is a real beauty!