My new graffiti arrival...

  1. I :heart: this bag! Thanks for letting me share!



  2. Oooh congrats, it's gorgeous !
  3. Congrats on your beautiful new graffiti!
  4. ooo! pretty! congrats :amuse:
  5. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  6. Oh I am going to cry. I just bought this bag and its coming tommorow. Your pictures are g oing to keep me up all night!! Its sooo pretty!! We are twins!! :smile:

    Have you worn it yet?? Can you post a picture wearing it?? PLEASE? I have never seen anyone wearing the green!! Its sooo pretty!!
  7. wow congrats on the graffiti speedy! its in such good condition good buy =D
  8. Beautiful!!
  9. Thank you ladies! I really wasn't going to buy anything else, but the opportunity to purchase this came up and I couldn't let it go.

    Congratulations on your khaki Speedy as well! It just arrived today, and it's never been carried, so it will take a while for me to get up my nerve. I'm so afraid of rubbing the lettering!

    I'm in jammies, so sorry, no photos!:lol: Maybe we'll see your pics tomorrow?;)

  10. It is gorgeous! That is most pristine graffiti I have sen yet. Congratulations!
  11. It's beautiful. I can't believe the incredible condition of this bag. WOW! Congratulations!
  12. Congrats! How exciting!
  13. That bag is in great condition!! Congrats on a beautiful find!!!! Enjoy!
  14. Pretty! The vachetta is gorgeous :heart:
  15. Gail... you don't know how JEALOUS I am of you... My dream bag is a Khaki Green Graffiti Keepall
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