My new GORGEOUS punch tote!

  1. So, my hubby allowed me to drag him into Macy's to see what new goodies they had and I was thrilled to find Ergo hobos! Large and medium ones, in leather and signature! Only one missing was the turquoise unfortunately but I still was happy to get to try them on! So, imagine my surprise when I realized that I didn't like the Ergo hobo! I love my large tote so expected to like the hobo. Anyway, I had ordered a punch tote earlier that week hoping that it'd be good to use this summer. I also need a siggie bag for rainy weather. It came today and I must say it is gorgeous! I LOVE IT! I don't feel so bad now about the ergo hobos because I have this cute little tote and am completely happy with it! Here's a couple of pics of the tote and the whole little family of punch goodies! I seriously love this bag! :wlae:


  2. nice collection!!
  3. Wow! She is a beauty!! I sooo love the punch!!!
  4. Absolutely stunning! I love the entire set together.
  5. Hooray! I love my B&W version of this bag, easy to find things in and feels great to carry!
  6. Gorgeous!!! Congrats TLove!!!!
  7. Is this the reversible tote? If so, do you have a pic of it on the other side?

  8. Beautiful! I really like that color combination.
  9. I love the punch! Is the wristlet available to order somewhere? I can't find it on the site....
  10. Very nice! I love punch! Congrats!
  11. Love it! Congrats
  12. Everything looks SO great! I love punch, and your new tote is gorgeous! :yahoo:
  13. [​IMG]

    Handbagcity: Above is a pic of Help!!slush's bag (did I get her name right?) reversed.

    divalori: You can call the 800 number and see if they can track the wristlet down for you but I believe they are sold out. My dh tracked this one down for me as a surprise. And I seriously was!

    Thanks everyone for the compliments! I'm so pleased with it!
  14. I love how it looks like tlloveshim is "monogrammed" (watermarked) on your new stuff!