My new GORGEOUS Fendi clutch!!!

  1. I LOVE THIS!! Isnt it pretty!!
    pics 211.jpg
  2. Ooo:huh:Ooooh, sparkly! I would feel like Cinderella if I used that. :p
  3. I love this one, too. I saw it in the Paris store with pleated ribbon covering it, which I thought was gorgeous. Congrats! They told me it is called the "borderline" clutch.
  4. Loves It!!
  5. Love this style from Fendi. Would make a lovely evening bag!!
  6. Very pretty- congrats!
  7. thats hot!
  8. Very pretty clutch
  9. glamorous!
  10. Very "Carrie Bradshaw"!!! I love it! Congrats!
  11. Very nice - congrats!
  12. Talk about bling! It's gorgeous!
  13. ooh its lovely.

    You lucky girl :smile:
  14. Ah Sunshine I saw this on NAP and wondered what it would look like - exceeds my expectations - its gorgeous. Congrats
  15. What is NAP?