My new GOODIESSS!!!! come l@@k!!!!

  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: so after finishing 3/4 of my exams in 3 days :boxing: I totally needed a shopping retail therapy, and who else do I call?? LOUIS!!!! :nuts: So, the LV Holt in TO didn't have what I wanted so I had to call 1-866 to track it down for me, and they found them at the LV boutique on Bloor. I guess boutiques have different shipping methods than Holts and prices ($20, $40 or $50) and me being impatient chose the $50 overnight first I was only getting TWO things...but then I thought...oh geez, I'm already paying $50 for shipping I might as well add the third one and put myself on a ban (for SERIOUS this time! I swear! ;) ) until my LH in August/September. it is....

    first up...The LOOT

    The SA I was dealing with was kind enough to give me all these yummy catalogs!!!! I initially asked for the pomme d'amour catalog but he said they were only available when it first launched, but he gave me all these....looooove the shoe catalog! :heart:
  2. Nooo ! :hysteric:
    PICS PLS :smile:
  3. what is inside girl?? :nuts:
  4. Awwww, cummon. Don't tease please:sad: . I need a fix.
  5. What's inside???????
  6. What's in the boxes!!
  7. I can't wait to see. Congrats on finishing most of your exams!
  8. Oooh let's see!
  9. :girlsigh: Waiting!!
  10. stop teasing!
  11. I"m sooorry..I had to go eat..I'm uploading now!!
  12. cant wait
  13. UGG! *waiting SO unpatiently* congrats!
  14. First up: POMME D'AMOUR AGENDA PM!!! I totally didn't think I'd ever get an agenda..LOL..but then I saw someone's agenda with just plain paper and I thought :idea: OMG...I can use those to write my notes and lists (of LV bags to buy) and prices! LOL....I still need refills though...

  15. ^^^ gorgeous!!!