My new goodies

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Here are some photos of my new goodies. Sorry for the quality of pictures, I took them with my camera phone.

    I purchased the BJ Dogon Wallet and the little pink bracelet.

    The last picture is my little collection. The twilly and scarf do not appear in the photo because they were camera shy.

    Thanks for letting me share!!! :smile:

    Hopefully my next purchase with be the BJ birkin with PH!!
    Photo_022107_003.jpg Photo_022107_004.jpg Photo_022107_005.jpg Photo_022107_009.jpg
  2. They're all so beautiful, Mree!

    Congrats on your new purchases. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the BJ Birkin big sis.
  3. Congratulations...everything is so cute!!!
  4. so pretty!
  5. What a beautiful loot! Congrats!!!
  6. Nice!! Congrats!!
  7. :heart: So lovely! Congratulations!:yes:
  8. Beautiful babies...congratulations!
  9. so pretty, congrats!
  10. Very nice! Congrats!!!
  11. Adorable. Congratulations.
  12. your choices are charming. congratulations.
  13. yaaaay!!! how cute!! love ur lil collection!!
  14. What great choices Mree!
  15. Lovely! Congrats!