My new goodies


Mar 28, 2017
My husband purchased a Speedy 30 DE for me at the end of March (and the rest is history- I've been hit by the LV bug) and I've been wanting a few slgs...originally was going to get a wallet but then all the posts made me want a key holder. My husband being the wonderful man he is went to LV store and bought me one, but they had to order it since no Mono with Rose was in store. He inquired about a PA since Id mentioned that they were being discontinued and really wanted one and SA told him they were really hard to get but he would try. So hubby looked online after many failed attempts by me. Then he said it says add to cart so he did and we had it delivered to store. She arrived on Wed (and made in france) as well as my key holder. We went to pick them up friday evening and the heat stamp person was gone for the day, so they said it would be ready next day. We couldnt pick up yesterday so I stopped by this morning to pick them up and while there I decided I wanted A DE slg to match my bag so i picked up the key pouch.
Now the wait until September for my Bday for some new goodies begins!

My SA confirmed PA NM is being discontinued.


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Feb 7, 2012
Congrats on your items!

I sometimes use those 3 items when I want to travel light or for a night out. You will love them!
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