My new goodies!!

  1. So excited!
    I've been given a couple of coaches in the past, but usually that particular one would not be my style so I passed it to relatives that would appreciate it. But once my camera finished charging I'll show you all what I got!! :yahoo:
  2. Congrats, can't wait to see pics!
  3. Tease! Get me all excited and there's no pics yet! Thats why I love my camera phone! I can take them from anywhere and email them to myself!
  4. here's my fabulous new clutch!
    of course at first I was a little iffy..
    but it really looks good in different lights, and the metallic picks up the light and just really sets the clutch. and its sooo roomy! I can add a pict of what I can fit in it later. And I love how the handle just dogclips off so I can put it on something else or take it off if I want to!! What I didn't like is that the hardware had white scratches on it, and I also had the green sent in, but it was wrinkled and all scratched up, and I just wrapped it back up in seconds and went on to the clutch.

    now I'm thinking the black madison flap.. and that folded striped wristlet!! still thinking about the skinny.
    zoe3.jpg zoe2.jpg zoe.jpg zoegotback.jpg zoeinterior.jpg
  5. Love love love! So glad you went with the stripes!
  6. I'm returning the espresso wristlet because I just may be going for another bag! AH! But if someone wanted to see it if they wanted to order it LMK.
  7. It is a gorgeous clutch! Love the stripes. Enjoy
  8. Cute!!! Love the stripes!
  9. Wow you got that fast! I'm so excited for you - the stripes are so cute! I can't wait to go get the black Zoe this weekend...
  10. ^^yup thanks to sprinkles! I can't wait to dazzle everyone with this tomorrow! I was slightly thinking of getting the clutch in black.. but I really want the madison in black.. and also that fold over wristlet!
  11. would it be crazy to get the striped fold over and the zoe clutch in stripe?
  12. not if you love the stripe - I love the signature print and my two favorite bags are the sig print, and my work tote is mini sig - if you love the stripe, get every bag in that pattern!:wlae:
  13. thanks everyone for the compliments!!
    I hope to go this weekend to return the other clutch and wristlet, and see if they have a box for me to store this.
  14. hahah aarti you are crazy! you're just like me, seriously! I'm glad the striped one worked out at least! The black leather madison is seriously gorgeous and I would get that over another zoe. (okay I would get both, but I shouldn't say that! haha).

    The folded striped wristlet was recalled though!
  15. ^^Silly me I meant since I am keeping that striped zoe, (psht I'm not parting with this!) would it be crazy to get the fold over wristlet in the new catalog. Ack I thought you meant the first one in the catalog was recalled. And in the new catalog it was fixed. Wishful thinking!! :sad: I'm seriously loosing willpower over the black madison!!!