My New Goodies!

  1. I haven't bought anything from Coach in awhile. But I just LOVE the new things from the Legacy Collection. Here are my new additions. The charm is yellow on one side and white on the other--and it's patent leather!!
  2. Cute stuff.
  3. So pretty! Where do you normally hang those charms sweetie?
  4. Oooh I love how the scarf is different patterns on each side, so cute !
  5. i like that scarf...i think i'm going to go check that out next time i go to coach. how are you wearing it?? in your hair or what?
  6. The smiley face is so cute!
  7. So very cute - enjoy!
  8. Very cute items! I wish they'd make more key chains with clips to easily attach to your bags if you wanted to display as charms.
  9. Love the charm. I'm going to get the clover one since my son is a st. pattys baby. I agree the scarf is so versatile...stripe on one side, signature on the other
  10. Cute pieces
  11. Did you order the scarf online? I haven't been to a store in a while ... but it says on the website that its' not availble until the 25th.... eeeek!
  12. Very cute stuff!!
  13. CUTE! I want to get the scarf as well! I was thinking the clover keychain but the smiley looks sooo cute as well!
  14. I love your scarf...I want one too. My husband is not going to be happy with the charge bill next month.
  15. I just got the scarf, too!:yes: The told me that they'll only be getting a very limited amount in so I just had to get it:rolleyes: -it's sooooo pretty!:love: