My new goodies!

  1. DH agreed to go shopping with me this weekend (yay!) so I swung by Coach while we were out and picked up these beauties!

    [​IMG] and

    in white.

    I also posted some RL pics here:

    I love them! :love: I have been wanting a smaller cosmetics case for a while, and this fits the bill perfectly. (A girl only needs so much lipgloss with her constantly lol.)
    I had also been considering a new wallet for spring & summer since I have been using a black croc D&B one all winter - I am ready for pretty colors! - and I fell in love with the pond patent wallet at the boutique. I also liked the white pebbled leather version, but I use my wallets a lot and only rarely switch, so I thought the patent would be much easier to keep looking clean and pretty.

    Yay I love Coach! I feel like such an addict - I got my "fix" this weekend. :roflmfao:
  2. Congrats, love the wallet!
  3. That wallet is really lovely, especially in that blue color and the cosmetic case is so cute, i am considering getting one myself! What kind of lining does the cosmetic case have? Congrats on the new purchases!
  4. You can kind of see the lining in my pics in the other thread - it has such a cute tattersall lining! It has actually pockets inside on each side which was a nice surprise - on the back side it is one big flat pocket against the side, and on the front side inside it is split into two flat pockets. It is so handy for putting bandaids and hair ties and whatnot.
  5. That pond color is TDF!
  6. Very nice. I am considering getting that cosmetic case in pink sometime.
  7. they are too cute. Congrats!!!!
  8. Cute purchases!! I love the wallet... and I'm just dying for one of those cosmetic cases. Congrats!!
  9. congrats! i love the color of the wallet
  10. Awesome buys congrat's.
  11. Very pretty! That wallet matches my ergo tote and the cosmetic case matches my Heritage tote! You have very good taste!!!
  12. Super cute goodies! Congrats!
  13. I love the color of that wallet! I also got the makeup case in PINK, what else?! and I can't wait to use it with my tote. As soon as the weather gets a little nicer here!
  14. Nice picks, congrats!
  15. Great items! Great taste! I almost bought a Coach cosmetics case but laid it back down because my old no-name brand case still works. Someday.