My new goodies!!!!

  1. Well I was very sad to return the med heritage stripe tote, beauty case, and mini skinny yesterday and walk out with nothing in exchange. AND now I am glad I did!!!! When I got home and looked in my e-mail I had a e-mail from eBay letting me know that a item I was looking for had been listed. I showed it to DH and he was like thats the one you wanted GET IT!!!! So I did!!!! We have been trying to save money and pay off some bills so I was so excited when he gave me his blessing!!! SO here they are!!!!

    Soho Large flap #10578 and matching wallet!!!
    soho flap.jpg wallet.jpg
  2. congrat's....
  3. They're very nice!! Congrats:yes:
  4. Congrats, both of them look great!!!
  5. Congrats...I like the matching wallet.