My new goodies...

  1. Hi, I went to BalNY today to pick-up an Ocean make-up clutch that she had to match my Ocean work. I asked the SA if she had anything else back there, she goes back in and comes out with an 06 Lilac clutch... I've never seen this style. The other SAs were looking at it too, so I paid for it quickly!

    Anyway, here are my new additions...and the Ocean work bag... I hope the pictures do them justice!
    lc.jpg oc.jpg 2 oceans.jpg
  2. Love the new additions - you're on a roll here! Do you know the name of the lilac clutch?
  3. the lilac clutch is GREAT! can you post a picture of the inside?
  4. Congrats on your new additions.:yahoo: I love Balenciaga accessaries.:tup:
  5. Gorgeous! Congrats on both, but wow the Lilac, what a find!

    an FB Makeup Clutch? ...must...resist...calling...
  6. Beautiful bags! Great job, girl! I love ocean:heart:
  7. OMG! What awesome luck! Congrats on your gorgeous bags!!
  8. Thank you! I can take a pic of the inside when my hubby isn't around, he'll have a fit!

    I don't know what it's called... it's not an evelope clutch,it's the same shape, but the cover goes over the entire bag, any ideas?

    Yes, the FB makeup clutch is gorgeous, it had a strap too like a small pochette...I almost got that one too, but even I have limits! Although twice I've thought about calling her back...
  9. wow, congrats! I love the lilac ... I so want one!
  10. I love your new make up clutch...she's so adorable!!!

    also i've never seen lilac like pretty and unique :smile:
  11. Good score!!!!! You HAVE to model w/ your work and your new fab lilac clutch. How amazing would that clutch be for a fun night out???
  12. Thank's really's the inside as best as I can model it... there's zipper closure inside too... The tag says "sac" if anyone has an idea of what it's called, I'd love to know...(not that it really matters) I can't wait to carry it!
    inside 1.jpg ins 2.jpg
  13. Ok...based on the reference library, it looks like my new Lilac clutch is called Le Pouchette. And the FB clutch is called The was really beautiful...

    They also had a Cinnamon makeup clutch...ohhh - I'm in trouble!
  14. Love both of those colors! Congrats!
  15. I love the ocean makeup clutch and the cinnamon sounds yummy also. Congrats on the clutch!