My New Goodies!

  1. My new luvs! :nuts: :love:

    Chanel Cambon Medium Messenger and Chanel S/S06 Crystal, Big, Dangly Earrings! I love them both! I was torn betwen the bowler and messenger in an earlier thread, and although the majority said bowler, I'm glad I went for the messenger, hands free is great and I am in love with the hot pink lining! But who knows? I will probably go back for the bowler soon anyways! LOL...Chanel is dangerous! :cry: :lol: :Push:
    ef251403.jpeg ef251397.jpeg ef2512b0.jpeg ef2512f5.jpeg
  2. Gorgeous.
  3. I love the whole Cambon line! Congratulations!
  4. Ooh, I'm jealous! You've got some gorgeous stuff! Congratulations on your new purchases! ..and I'm all for you getting the bowler! Know what color you might get?
  5. LOL it is!!! ;)

    It is extremely addicting!!!
  6. Love the messenger! I see "authentic" cambons on ebay, but their "fake-ness" becomes obvious when I see your new bag!
  7. Thanks...i've seen the one on ebay you are referring to...i think..and yes, it looks really gross!

    I actually took my new bag out today shopping and a group of asian girls were whispering to eachother (loudly) that mine was fake! some people have no tact. I don't really care though, I find it childish and petty and it didn't rain on my happy happy day of my new baby! :nuts:

    As for what color bowler I'd like to, of course! :love: I'm debating between that and the vuitton mc shirley. :Push:
  8. Awww, your new crystal earrings are so cute! Totally bling-y, which rocks!
  9. very nice!
  10. oooooohhh beautiful!!!!
  11. Love:love: your new purchases! Those earrings are really cute.
  12. Beautiful!!! Great choice on the bag and the earrings!!! Congrats!
  13. reeally nice
    congrats :smile:
  14. Love that messenger! Congrats!
  15. GORGEOUS!!!:love: Congrats!