My New Goodies!

  1. Well I got my two Signature Stripe bags in the mail today! the satchel is HUGE. Oh my GOD I could fit a small child in this thing! But it's light and I like that. Also what I like about these new stripe items is the leather part isn't shiny. Ick! ;P Anyways i'm not sure how i feel about the satchel yet. The tote is VERY cute and a great size!! I also got the Stripe wristlet that has the lovely legacy lining!!! And my yummy keyfobs yay!!!!

    PS- the last image is a damn art commission I JUST finished for someone and by god I needed to show it to SOMEONE because my hand is numb from coloring it. ;P
    purses1.jpg purses2.jpg purses3.jpg candyraymond3sm.jpg
  2. WOW...yummy stuff! Love the Legacy wallet! You are a terrific artist...that's a really kick a$$ picture!
  3. Love the stuff!!! Especially the legacy striped wallet.
  4. Beautiful! Congrats on the haul!
  5. Marvelous haul! I just got off the phone w/boutique to order that exact same wallet. I couldn't decide which size to order and when he asked for my item number I said "402...42" (visualizing that there are more beautiful Legacy stripes on this one than the french one).
    Congrats and ENJOY!!!!!!!
  6. That Legacy wallet really stands out in the group. It looks great and so does your artwork. Congrats!
  7. love your collection! I'm jealous!

    and you are an amazing artist!
  8. I ah-dore the artwork-- and the bags are cute too ;)
  9. congrats!!!
  10. yay they are here!
    love ALL of your stuff!! that picture is gorgeous!!
  11. Nice stuff - love your wallet! Yes, the satchel holds a ton - everything I need and more!
    Love your artwork, very nice!
  12. Hot picture!! And I love your new stuff....that satchel is really growing on me.
  13. Man, you can draw! Gorgeous art work, Candy. I :heart: the satchel!!! Mr. Turtle looks happy there. I so want a denim satchel and mini skinny!! Woohoo for the new bags!
  14. Love your haul!
  15. he he he, you could fit a small child in your satchel. no way! LOL it looks like a good size for you, hope you love your stuff...i know you do! your art work is beautiful. took a lot of effort and work. what kind of coloring job did you do? like..was it on the computer, was it print??