my new goodies!!

  1. I passed up playground originally when it first came out bc I didn't like it.... but recently it started growing on me and I *had* to get some... then I ended up w/TWO things!! haha.

    caramellina from eBay (suesuperb) .. I think I paid too much but I love it, bc it has my fav chili peppers right in the middle!!

    the other is a bambino that I bought from a gal on the LJ tokidoki group... I couldn't resist bc it has the lattes and bastardino on it..
    0402 002.jpg 0402 001.jpg 0402 004.jpg 0402 003.jpg
  2. and this is the adios bella I got a while ago from pulse... it has the baby I wanted.. and I didn't expect it bc the lady at pulse didn't mention it, but it also has the adios-ish guy too... very cute!!! I don't think you could get more characters on a bella!! :love:
    0402 011.jpg 0402 010.jpg
  3. Hazelnut, Congrats, They are both too cute!
    I would love to get something in playground too!!
  4. and finally all my current bags... didn't include my other stuff, like my tshirts and toys and stuff like that.. :yahoo:

    I have mostly small bags, I like dolces and bambinos. :nuts:
  5. oops pic didn't attach... trying again...
    0402 013.jpg
  6. Hazelnut, Did you get your Foresta Bambino in SF Nordies? I love it. You got the girl monkey that I love!
    Also I love your Bella Adios with the little baby sumo!!! Couldn't get any cuter than that!
  7. thanks juli!

    I actually got my bambino foresta in SF Macy's last fall... when Simone came for the signing. I had him draw the dino -baby on it. here is a better pic.
    0402 007.jpg
  8. Hazelnut,
    It is sooo adorable,the baby dino..
    I guess you have not used your foresta yet. I can still see the tag. I have 3 bags with tags still on !
  9. Wow, great collection! I hope my grows soon.
  10. i TOTALLy remember your playground bambino on eBay! i was really tempted to bid on it too! congrats on a beautiful bag!
  11. Oh I love your foresta bambino! It is so beautiful and colorful. I chargesent mine and took a risk and it turned out ok. Not many characters because it is the scene above the trees, but I got a white monkey reading book character that I haven't seen elsewhere so far. That is about all I like in it. Congrats on your playgrounds, they are great placements.
  12. Great Collection! Congrats on your new items!!!
  13. Ooohhhh, I like ur bambino foresta....and the dino is too cute!!!
  14. You got some nice print placement for being smaller bags. They are very nice!
  15. greatcollection...especially those cute forestas you got there :graucho: