My New Goodies..(now member of Ergo Club!!)..and Collection...

  1. Well, I'm going to try to post pictures of my newest acquisitons AND my entire collection...small though it be!! (so far, anyway!)

    I got my large Ergo tote at the outlet this past weekend. It's my first Ergo!! I really was unsure whether to go for the large or medium..they had both..but for some reason the large was more comfy under my arm. I normally don't carry much stuff, but at least if I want to, I can! I really love this's so classy..w/the turnlock..another reason I like the large!!

    I also got the Hamptons carryall. Couldn't resist the gorgeous colors! One classy bag. It will go with black, grey, navy, ..just about anything. I am in :heart::heart:!

    I'd really like to try an Ergo hobo, but they didn't seem to work well on me. Too stiff. I read that they get softer, so maybe I'll try soon.

    My outlet had EVERYTHING!! I kind of went nuts. Ergos, patent ones, too, 3 pond Legacy satchels, lots of accessories. Great selection!

    Some files were too big...not sure how to make smaller?? I will try to figure it out and post more...
    100_0468.jpg 100_0469.jpg
  2. Way to go! Sounds like you got some wonderful deals at your outllet! Congrats
  3. Your Ergo looks great on you! Congrats! What outlet was this?
  4. I'll try one pic to see if I resized it...
  5. The black Ergo tote is a very pretty bag! :yes: I really love black leather. It looks good on EVERY bag. ENJOY!!!!:tup:
  6. Okay, we're in business! Here are pics of the other new purchases..and my other pieces from my collection!
    100_0494.jpg 100_0474.jpg 100_0495.jpg
  7. Here are the rest..I LOVE my Legacy shoulder flap in whiskey..I didn't think I could carry it because of the weight, but it's fine, and I finally own a legacy!!
    100_0486.jpg 100_0491.jpg 100_0483.jpg 100_0496.jpg 100_0479.jpg
  8. Beautiful new additions! I love how the tote has legacy lining. Enjoy :tup:

    ETA: Just saw the other bags, lovely! I had that whiskey legacy bag & am kicking myself for returning it lol. I did keep the same one in black leather, it's a great little bag.
  9. Some more...(learning as I go!)...
    100_0503.jpg 100_0498.jpg straw wristlet.jpg
  10. Hooray!! I finally got them all in! Hats off to computer experts!

    I went to the San Marcos and Round Rock outlets. They had tons of great things there. I grabbed the Ergo totes immediately. They had the black, tan, and the chocolate (in medium). I wish I'd gotten the chocolate to try at home, but didn't. The pressure there to make a decision is ENORMOUS!!

    I'm 5'9', so I hope that the large Ergo isn't too big on me. After seeing Liz wear hers, who could resist getting one??:p
  11. Isn't it, though? I got this and the shoulder bag in black, but at first thought they were both too heavy loaded up. I DID return the shoulder bag, but just couldn't part w/the shoulder zip. It really is a roomy bag, and I will not stuff it so I can carry it pain-free! Glad you kept the black one..I almost got that one, classy.:tup:
  12. Wow you got some great stuff! Congrats! I love your legacy and your embossed leather!

    Did you get great deals on them too? Do you mind telling us the prices of what you got?

    All these great outlet finds makes me want to go to the outlet so bad. I have finals in med school next week so I think I will go the next weekend. Hopefully, they still will have some great stuff.
  13. I returned the whiskey and kept the khaki/black shoulder bag LOL... I still haven't carried that yet, but I just can't let it go. It's probably not practical because of the short drop & weight but it's soooo pretty. I need help :nuts::lol:
  14. I"ll be glad to share the prices...

    -Hamptons carryall-247.99
    -gold framed wristlet-87.99
    -lurex mini-skinny-23.99
    -Legacy stripe wristlet-39.99
    -Ergo Large Tote-239.99

    Some were clearance w/an additional 20% off...the Ergo Tote for sure.
  15. I got my camel Ergo tote at the Round Rock outlet! I was so tempted by your Hamptons carryall too. They really did have great deals there! You got some awesome pieces, hope you enjoy!!! :biggrin: