My new goodies from the Outlet..

  1. I got these last week, but finally took pics of them today since I am home sick and bored out of my mind.

    Please excuse my dirty mirror and PJs. LOL.

    It's the Mini Signature Large Duffle. Even better was that it was 20% off!


    I like that you can wear it as a shoulder bag or cross-body.


    (My Mom's BH and Tikal PM in the background!)

    I think it looks really cute with my skull and lips charm.


    I also got the matching medium Mini Skinny and Clutch Wallet (although that came from eBay since my outlet was out of them).


    I LOVE this wallet, holds so much good stuff!

  2. These are cute!
  3. they do look great with the charms!! rock it girl!! i want that whole set!
  4. Oh very nice!!! I love the charms too!!!! And do I spy an LV in the background? Nice!
  5. WOW!!!! I am sooooooo loving this black/white signature since my hubby bought me the Chelsea hobo!!! I LOVE your new bag and matching accessories!!! Hubby surprised me w/ the matching Chelsea zip around wallet today as an "early bday gift" bday is next Friday, so I am matchy matchy too!! LOLOL I WISH my outlet was a signature are soooooooooo LUCKY!!! Black/white is a year round color so you will get TONS of use out of all of this GREAT new stuff!!!! GREAT haul!!!! CONGRATS and ENJOY!!!!
  6. Lovely matching collection!
  7. great finds! I went to the outlet the other day and was excited to find the patent gallery book totes and the holiday patchwork bags from last year! I so need to be:banned:
  8. I love this bag!!! Great find!!!
  9. oooooo I love them! Black/white mini sig is my favorite pattern ever.

    I have an identical duffle as yours and crazy about it -- although mine doesn't have a zipper on the side.

    Congrats! I hope when I go to the outlet in December I'll find more black/white mini sig stuff!
  10. I really love ur purchases! Love that you can wear it both ways! This may be the first black signature that I really love!
  11. Great taste! It looks beautiful on you!
  12. very very cute!!! love the lips!!!
  13. Nice Haul! I really love the black/white signature and I am really starting to like these duffles!
  14. Oooh, nice!! Makes me wanna go back to my outlet this weekend!!
  15. great buys, congrats!