My New Goodies From Shorthills Mall! Pic

  1. Hello,

    This is my very first post and I'm a little nervous, so for now I'll just show my new goodies from the Shorthills Mall. I didn't have anything red and I wanted a Red Jumbo Flap, but they are no where to be found so I fell in love with this Luxe Flap and a Jumbo Grey Flap new chain. And I promise to post some of my collection soon. No one but you guys understand the love for handbags, so I finally am coming out of my shell and I'm going to join in on the fun. Thanks for the PURSE FORUM!:yahoo:
    I Hope I did this right

  2. Welcome! You have a couple of great purses there. The red is gorgeous!!
  3. both are gorgeous bags
  4. congrats and welcome. love your new chanels. both are beautiful colors.
  5. your pic is so big i can't see all of the grey one. Can you make it smaller?

    congrats btw
  6. Wow! LOVE the red luxury flap. Two very beautiful bag. Welcome to the Chanel subforum.:smile:
  7. Sorry, I had to have my daughter help me with the pictures, I will ask her if she can make it smaller
  8. here they are again. Hope this is better.
  9. your two bags are gorgeous !

    i love the grey :biggrin:
  10. they are pretty! good pick!
  11. oooh, so beautiful! :heart::drool:
  12. So so pretty!!!! welcome to the forum!

  13. yes thanks!! love them. congrats!!
  14. Love your new bags---gorgeous! Welcome to the Chanel forum.
  15. Ooh, great choices! Welcome !!