my new goodies from Japan

  1. so i saw these on the boards and had to get them :graucho:
    Library - 202.jpg Library - 206.jpg Library - 207.jpg Library - 208.jpg
  2. what are the first two things?
  3. the gold one is a mirror and the second one is a headband/scrunchy
  4. ooh! nice! how did you get the mirror?
  5. The last ponytail scarf. What is the style number on it? Would it match the 'natural' color bags?
  6. This bag. I like this scarf. Either this one or I was considering the 'original' op artponytail scarf. Pic compliments of the 'bay
  7. ooh i seen those too and i want that mirror and the scarf! congrats!!
  8. there used to be a seller on eBay that sold the items but now the have like a separte page were they have a lot of the gifts from the magazines ( look for designer gifts of magazine in google i think its the second result )

  9. the scarf was made specifically for a japan magazine it looks pretty with my brown bags so it could look good on natural color . another thing is that its really thick and a pain to attach to the bag but i like it
  10. So pretty!
  11. The mirror is totally cute.
  12. I really like that scraf , so cute , it would look great with my Magenta Ergo satchel
  13. I am really wanting that mirror!! I'm very jealous right now. Thanks for sharing!!!
  14. i love the colors of the scarf. cute headband!
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