my new goodies for 2007!!!!

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  1. I was saving this for my 1000th post but I didn't realize that was about 10 posts back or so...anyway....Here's my new stuff for 2007 (mostly accessories)

    Damier Cles from my BF for Christmas
    White MC Wapity from BF for Anniversary (early present)
    Icons Book
    My "new" Gucci Abbey tote

    I tried to take a pic of my Gucci tote w/ my Gucci dog (my dog's name is Gucci) but my camera died and it process the pic :confused1: ...It looked really good too!!!
    DSC03282.JPG DSC03284.JPG DSC03285.JPG DSC03281.JPG
  2. oh..but you can see my doggie in the background sniffing out my goodies!!
  3. hohohoh...congrats@@@@@
  4. you're always first to reply to my threads cherry!!! ahha...thanks!!
  5. Cute!
  6. Nice! I just got the icons book. I love the wapity!
  7. Awwwh what cute purchases, love everything :biggrin:
  8. Vey nice Jill!! your doggie is so adorable..Congrats!!!
  9. thanks Nita and Mew!!! ;)
    I can't wait to use my wapityyy!! :wlae: :jammin:
  10. ooh- love the wapity and cles!
  11. Hey love the loot! Happy 2007! :yes:
  12. Congrats on all of the hot stuff!!! :nuts:
  13. congrats on your new things!
  14. ooo pretty gucci. i think the khaki looks so nice with the light leather. and i love your wapity too!
  15. love the wapity and your dog is adorable! i think gucci is such a cute name for a dog!