My new goodies.....finally!!!!!

  1. After many attempts at perfecting my photography skills, I think I finally got these to look almost as pretty as they really are!!! :yahoo: My new Marine GGH City that I just LOVE!! (what can I say, I have always been a sucker for the nautical thing), a squishy soft black make-up and an Ocean Coin purse to match my yummy new Ocean day. :wlae:
    2007 Black Make up.jpg Marine GGH City.jpg Ocean Coin Purse.jpg Ocean Coin Purse no flash.jpg
  2. Congratulation!!! I am a big fan for color of blue. I love every single one of your collection.
  3. great pics purse-oh!!!! i :heart: your mini coins - is that one coin or 2??? gorgeous :graucho:
  4. Love!!!!!
  5. Beautiful bags!:drool:

    The more I look at all the lovely photos of bbags you ladies post, the harder it's making my decision as to which should be my 1st bbag!
  6. Congrats girlie,:yahoo: i love the Giant Marine too :yes:and your little ones are so cute.:p Enjoy them in good health.:heart:
  7. Gorgeous collection!
    Congratulations! Really loving it!
  8. Thanks everyone!! For some reason I am always drawn to blue! The coin purse is actually the same one shot with the flash and without. The actual color is in between the two. I need some serious photography lessons!!! LOL!!!!
  9. [​IMG]
    OH!!!! What great little accessories!!! They are sooo cute!!!! Love the ocean!!
  10. Very cute!
  11. :nuts: Is that silver hardware I see on the make-up??? or is it just the pics teasin' me??

    I love all your new additions Purse-Ooooh!! C O N G R A T S :yahoo:
  12. AbFab goodies!! Congrats!! The colors are TDF!!
  13. OMG! I am lovin that Marine City! :drool:

    maybe I should come hang out on the deck with ya in the wee hours :lol: you are finding all kinds of beauties!!!
  14. Blue is the one color that tempts me to get every shade. I wish I could see Ocean in person, but I'll have to travel a bit.

    Congratulations on having the matching goodies!
  15. Wow beautiful and you did a great job taking the photos.Congrats!