My new goodies! Black 04 Pewter HW First and 07 Tomato Money!!

  1. I got my "new" 04 Pewter HW black first today! Also got this tomato money a few days ago! I love the leather on this s/s 04-it's very soft and smooshy so I took a closer up shot. Tomato is not orangish at all IRL imo, a very vibrant true red. So here are some pics of my new goodies!

  2. :huh:Oh very nice.. love the color contrast... CoNgrats!!
  3. love the bag and drooling over the tomato money. so yummy.
  4. Double Congrats.:nuts::yahoo:
  5. HOT bag and money wallet you have -- hearty congrats! I love them both
  6. :heart::heart::heart:the pewter HW!! balny need to make pewter HW again!!
  7. LOVE it!! Congrats. I never tire of seeing vintage black with PH:heart:
  8. Oh WOW! :nuts:
  9. Nice! I love how the Tomato is such a true, rich red.
  10. Love those together!
  11. Love combo :heart:
  12. :yahoo:Congratulations:yahoo:

    Love the 04 with pewter:heart: and the tomato looks gorgeous too:smile:
  13. BEAUTIFUL!! congrats!! :heart:
  14. CUUUUUTE combo! LOVE it!
  15. simply wow