My new goodie!

  1. I didn't get what I planned on. I couldn't decide between the coach legacy stripe pony tail scarf and the tattersall so I'm waiting and thinking about it.

    I also decided to get the pink heritage stripe swingpack instead of the wristlet, so I'm waiting on that as well :p.

    But while I was at the outlets returning my suede wristlet, this little beauty totally caught my eye and I LOVE her!

    Here she is --


    I just love her and she has so much room and I think she goes beautifully with my white ali!

    I actually don't remember ever seeing her online myself, but I must have missed her :girlsigh:


    She was 198.00 retail, marked down to 139.99 w/20% off :yahoo:
  2. Terrific find!!! :tup:
  3. very cute.. she will look great with your ali! :tup:
  4. What a great find!!! Congrats!
  5. Very nice :tup:
  6. Thanks ladies! I love it so much and it's just got so many places for everything!
  7. WOW thats a great find. I love that tattersall lining especially with the blue interior and white leather. Congrats.
  8. Thanks so much :smile: I love the color combo too :love:
  9. So pretty, I love it!
  10. I like it! Congrats on such a great deal!
  11. Very pretty! I love the blue lining!
  12. I LOVE that wallet, I think it is planned out great, all the little compartments and the coin purse with the tattersall lining :tender:. It is so fabulous in khaki/white! I like blue lining too!
  13. That will be so pretty with your white Ali!! Love the color combo...especially the blue! :love:
  14. OMG! This wallet is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! That baby blue leather is amazing and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tattersall lining inside!!!! What a great price too! Congrats and thanks for sharing!
  15. The wallet is so cute! And nodody can resist the pretty tattersall lining. Congrats!