My new goodie!! *pics*

  1. My grandmother gave me money for Christmas so I had to have this (and forgive my terrible cell-phone pics):

    I also saw the new Candy Apple Red Vernis and I am in LOVE!:love::love:
    lv-ipod01.jpg lv-ipod02.jpg
  2. Very cute!!!! I got an Ipod video for this xmas, and I unfortunately am going with a pink rubber casing. :roflmfao: Congrats!!!
  3. Congrats!

    PS: I love the stationary(?) or whatever that cute thing is!
  4. Very cool!
  5. Congrats, how cute ! :yes:
  6. congrats!
    love it!
  7. I think it's actually an ipod case. ;)
  8. Very cute. I think I need one of these now.:nuts:
  9. congrats!
  10. I'm talking about the thing in the left corner of her 2nd picture :idea:
  11. Grandma's so cool! Congrats!!!
  12. Cool Grandma!! It's so cute, congrats!
  13. Cute! You are making me want one for mine!
  14. Congrats! I have this and love it. My parents were joking around that the case costs just about as much as the actual ipod lol :lol:
    And I LOVE the new red too! I love the shimmer in it. :yes:
  15. LOL! I also stopped by Sanrio and picked up a little Cinamaroll notebook. And a few pens and pencils.