My new GOOD CHARMA LOVE Bracelets arrived!


Feb 16, 2007
I was searching high and low for something playful and cute and stumbled across these! I then realized they were already popular (which I was clueless about). Supossedly Madonna and Beyonce but these up like crazy and gift them to their friends and family. Anyway, who cares, I just liked them cause they were cute! And they are sold out at Nordie's so I had to order online.

Surprisingly, they are hand made in Bali and it's .925 SS. I was surprised with its substantial weight and craftsmanship. (gee, and I thought only my Tiff's were that lovely) My new fav (for now). $225.

They have them in gold (wow)but it's about $400. This is their site:
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Sep 6, 2006
I wear Good Charma's Lucky set of bracelets. They're fun to wear. I love the Asian theme Good Charma bracelets.

There's a variety of different styles - even one with rose gold & yellow gold (vermeil) with sterling silver. The "gold" Good Charma pieces are made with a sterling silver base then plated in gold. There are also some with semi precious stone beads with silver charms.
Feb 19, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio
I saw this bracelet on the arm of the bank teller today and asked her what they were. After finding them online I ordered the Inspiration design and look forward to seeing it in person. Love them.