MY New Gold Troy Has Arrived From London!

  1. I tried to order from my JC SA but she said they were all sold out company wide. Finally, I made up my mind and it was unavailable:crybaby:. Then I received a promo with the gold Troy featured. Turns out the online site still had 5 left:yahoo:.

    Well, she arrived yesterday and had a dark line/scratch on one of the buckles. JC was going to exchange it and I was packing it up to ship it back when I thought I would try one of my jewelry buffing clothes. Worked like a charm!


    troy action.jpg troy gold.jpg
  2. congrats that bag is so classy with out the usual boringness to it. Will be a bag that willl never go out of stle. Hey let me ask you since i know that your like me and tend to buy direct, have you heard of any bad purchases from looking at the red mahdi.
  3. Gorgeous clutch, Samantha. Congrats. :smile:
  4. Love it! You rock that bag. My god, what do you do to keep yourself in such fab shape??
  5. My GOODNESS Samantha:drool::drool: the clutch is a beauty, but I think part of it may be because of the person wearing. You make anything look great:yes:

  6. Thanks michellrojas! I have bought from overstock but never a bag. The red Mahdi looks beautiful. If it is the small one it has a different name I can't remember off the top of my head. I would go for it. They have a return policy. We would be happy to look at pictures for you when you get it.
  7. Thank you so much Cosmopolitan, bonniec, and Robyn :flowers: I'm glad you like my new Troy.

    bonniec, what works for me is running and free weights(not at a gym). I am not a fan of gyms. I sweat too much to go to a gym:roflmfao:.

    Robyn ,what a sweet generous compliment. You made my week!
  8. omg i want that bag so much
  9. Congratulations!
    It's gorgeous and you looks fabulous with it.
  10. I just started jogging but I'll never look like that :shrugs:. Great bag, so classic yet edgy. That's what I love about JC.
  11. The bag and your whole outfit is hot. I love everything!
  12. OMG!!!!!!!!
    Your bag is stunning!
    Congrats and enjoy your beautiful bag.
    Hey - hot legs too
  13. Congratulations.
  14. Your new Choo looks great!
  15. OMG! Your clutch is amazing! and look super good on your! :love::love: