My new gold patchwork Jasmines arrived today at the store, along with...

  1. [​IMG]
    am so excited!!!!!!! :yahoo: I blame this all on you ladies, as you totally were my enablers in this addiction and said I had to have it sooooo:

    I went to pick up my phone order today at my favorite Coach store, and came home with my Jasmines AND:
  2. Those shoes are irresistable! And I am so IN LOVE with the chocolate fabric this season, i would have bought that bag too!

    Enjoy them both.
  3. I love that bag too! Did you see the Sig. Tote in the choc. brown? what did you think of it?
  4. lovecoach - i saw the whole display of the signature in chocolate, all were gorgeous! I have had my eye on this bag for awhile, so when I saw it in this color i knew I had to have it. :heart:
  5. i love your shoes!!!!
  6. I love that bag!! I have the small sig. flap in the dark brown but maybe I need something bigger? =)
  7. I looooovveee you new shoes!!!!
  8. Congrats on the shoes! Those are pretty!
  9. I love the shoes!! Congrats. The flats & tote should go well together.
  10. Congrats on the new stuff - I love the shoes and the bag is gorgeous!
  11. Beautiful shoes and bag, perfect for the Fall. I saw a matching belt for the shoes at the Coach store at The Forum Shops II a week ago, it had the brass turnlock closures, it was beautiful.
  12. Love your shoes and your bag, both beautiful. Enjoy
  13. Loving those shoes!! dont keep tempting me ladies!!
  14. I am totally loving those shoes hahah, they are gorgeaus! Not so much jumping at the bag, but its a cute color!
  15. show us a pic of you with the shoes and bag on!
    I like that bag too but I wonder if it'll fit textbooks