My new gold birkin

  1. I ordered this at the February podium and it came several weeks ago. It's 35 togo w/gold hardware. My (only) other birkin is clemence and this togo seems kind of stiff in comparison. Experts: will it soften up over time? I hope so.


    With its older sister:
  2. They are both just gorgeous!!!! I will let the experts weigh in on the slouch factor though.
  3. Gorgeous, congrats!

    I'm sure it will softer up. Even my chevre one is softer than it was when I got it 8 months ago.
  4. Wow, some of the Feb orders are coming in really quickly!!!!

    The Gold is just beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful, BEEEE-YOU-TIFUL!!! Congrats :flowers:
  5. beeeyoootiiiifullll! congrats! Don't know much about the comparison of togo and clemence but I got a togo birkin and used it a couple of times and the leather seems to soften up a bit
  6. : I have 2 togo Birkins and just got my first clemance Birkin a couple of days ago. I noticed how much slouchier it was than togo right away. The one togo that I owned and actually used a few times did soften quite a bit, but it never got at all like the clemance. By the way: both bags are GORGEOUS!!!!!!:drool: :drool:
  7. By the way, what is the Podium?
  8. Gorgeous - very classic colors!
  9. GOLD!!!! My favourite colour.

    It will definitely soften so don't worry, lulilu.

    :yahoo: CONGRATULATIONS!! :yahoo:
  10. Congratulations!! Its gorgeous!!
  11. LOVE it! And it will mellow and soften nicely over time. Togo is great!
  12. Gorgeous, I adore gold.
  13. Gold on Gold! Perfect!

  14. It's beautiful. Congrats! I'm sure it will soften up over time. I have togo and it's very soft but was stiffer when I got it new. Give it a little love and I'm sure it will ease in.
  15. She's a beauty. How nice to have the choice between a stiffer Birkin bag vs a slouchy one. You've got the best of both worlds. Congrats.